Impact Statement

Amid the affluence of Palm Beach County, more than 25% of families with young children are living in poverty. More than 98% of the children and families we serve are living at or below the Federal Poverty Level. Our parents are either the working poor employed in minimum-wage jobs, disabled, enrolled in career training programs, still in high school, or working their way through college. They want a better life for their children, away from the daily struggles of poverty. Our job is to ensure these children receive the best possible start in life by establishing a solid foundation of knowledge, trust, understanding, and tolerance in every child. Exceptional preschool programs, enhanced with a structured after-school program for grade-school children, fill an important niche for struggling parents who have limited options for making the most of their child’s learning potential.

Children who attend a quality preschool such as FFCDC are:

  • 44% less likely to repeat a grade
  • 41% less likely to require special education services
  • 42% less likely to experience a teen pregnancy
  • 29% more likely to graduate from high school

Our accomplishments demonstrate our Centers’ importance to the future of our children. For example, in the past ten years, 99.9% of our Head Start graduates and after-school program participants have not repeated a grade in elementary school!



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