Social Services



Children do not develop in a vacuum, multiple variables impact a child’s successes and failures- if one critical piece is not addressed, the whole child remains vulnerable which negatively impacts the foundation on which they must build for the rest of their life. One of the largest and most essential pieces of a child’s development is their family and we are in a unique position to not only educate the child but to also support and educate their family helping to create the safe and stable homes.

By creating a central location for multiple needs of families, we are able to provide continuity of care, reduce access barriers and reduce the need for family travel and stress associated with accessing multiple service providers across Palm Beach County. Parents know our staff well so a trusting, long-term relationship already exists which exponentially increases the likelihood of families engaging the services they need. Through collaborating with other organizations we have been able to bring a number of social services to our campuses allowing families to participate in classes or other services that they need without having to travel 30 or more miles. On-site services include:

Parenting skill development
Preventative health screenings
Family crisis intervention
Case management

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