FFCDC Hurricane Updates

Hurricane Irma has changed the FFCDC schedule. Please come to ffcdc.org/hurricane for the latest updates on FFCDC’s schedule.

FFCDC will resume child care, preschool, and after-school care on Monday, Sept. 18th. Pending West Campus power restoration, West Campus children are welcome to the East Campus (200 NE 14th Street, Boca Raton) for care.


FFCDC would like you to be aware of our Hurricane Policy. The safety of your child is a priority to us.


 If Palm Beach County Schools are closed due to a Hurricane approaching our area, Florence Fuller Centers will be closed as well. If there is no report available for the status of Palm Beach County Schools being closed we will use the following guidance:

If there is a Hurricane warning at 6:00am on a school day, school will be closed. School will resume the following day, unless a warning is still in effect at 6:00 am that morning (Unless we sustain significant damage or loss of power).

Example:             Wednesday, 6:00 am: Hurricane Warning is in effect: No-School.

Thursday, 6:00am: No Warning: School Resumes


Thursday, 6:00am: Hurricane Warning is still in effect or school has significant damage or loss of power: No-School.

Please listen to the television news or Radio to find out this information. If you are still not sure if there is a warning, you can call Boca Raton Hurricane Information line at (561) 982-4900. For the rest of the county call (561) 712-6400.

If a warning occurs during the school day, please pick up your child immediately, or arrange to have them picked up.

Below is a listing of Boca Raton Hurricane Shelters, please listen to local news to find out if, and when they are open:

Spanish River High School, Bible town Community Church, Omni Middle School, and Olympic Height High School.

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