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FFCDC welcomed our children and families back to our campuses on Monday, June 15th.

Childcare is vital to economic return. Our children and families depend on our programs and services, just as the local community relies on childcare providers so parents may return to work. Our families are the backbone of the community’s economy- working in essential services such as landscaping, construction, hotels, restaurants, retail, grocery stores, janitorial services, farm workers, and delivery drivers.

If they do not have reliable childcare, they cannot be reliable employees; productive and bottom lines for many local business will suffer. Now more than ever, the high quality and affordable Early Childhood Education provided by FFCDC is a critical component of our community’s economic recovery.

But in this time of economic instability and uncertainty, childcare providers face a daunting dilemma. Increased costs, decreased capacity, and lost revenue will result in inevitable closures; a sad reality that will have a devastating impact on a parent’s ability to return to the workforce as well as our economy’s ability to recover.

FFCDC stands strong as we weather this storm to continue serving the community as we have for the past 50 years. We are grateful that we have so many wonderful community partners who recognize the value of our work.

Our children and families depend on the love and generosity of this wonderful community – YOUR concern and care – to ensure they can still have hope for the present and for the future. Will you be their reason for hope?

Your tax-deductible gift today will help FFCDC re-open our doors when our neighborhoods are once again safe from COVID-19.


Along with many of our fellow nonprofits, FFCDC had to reschedule or cancel several important fundraising events. This caused an immediate strain on normal income streams used to provide our children and families with their continuous care, education, and nutrition. FFCDC cannot rely on state and federal funding to cover expenses beyond July 1st. The financial impact of this crisis is unprecedented, and our finances will be stretched.

In addition, due to the implementation of CDC-recommended safe social distancing guidelines, we will only be permitted to operate at less than 60% capacity further reducing revenue.

Please contribute to the COVID-19 Recovery Fund to keep this very special and essential community center above water – to ensure that we can continue to provide for our children and families RIGHT NOW, and that we’ll be able to begin the process of healing and recovering from this time of crisis, addressing learning losses and helping to stabilize families.

Your support today will make ALL the difference, now and for years to come.

Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and will go exclusively toward sustaining the operations and future of Florence Fuller Child Development Centers. Every gift counts. Thank you for your kindness at this critical time.

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