Family Support Services

Our staff provides support and advice for parents in conjunction with our onsite social workers so they are able to enter the world of parenting armed with knowledge, understanding, and patience which is guided by a strong support system to help them succeed in raising happy and successful children. We know that parenting is hard work and we work to ensure family success by providing resources that help mitigate some of the daily struggles of life for families. We encourage parents to take care of themselves as well as their children through nutrition, financial planning, parenting classes, ESOL and one-on-one or group counseling offered onsite. In addition, we provide assistance with job training, accessing employment, and accessing financial assistance.

Career Advancement

Thanks to Impact 100 and The Glick Fund, a CICF fund, we were able to launch a new career assistance component to our family support services in July 2014. For our parents and caregivers that need help to move themselves out of minimum wage jobs, we employed a Career Coach to provide one-on-one assistance to facilitate access to higher education, on-the-job training, ESOL classes, resume assistance and so many other services provided free of charge.

 Social Services

Children do not develop or function in a vacuum, multiple variables impact a child’s successes and failures- if one critical piece is not addressed, the whole child remains vulnerable which negatively impacts the foundation on which a child must build for the rest of their life. One of the largest and most essential pieces of a child’s development is their family and we are in a unique position to not only educate the child but to also support and educate their family helping to create the safe and stable homes.

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